Is Nathalie a “Cyborg”?
Is Nathalie a “Cyborg”?

Why yes,  yes I am...

I have a chip implant in my left hand.

The technology is a NFC xNT 13.56mhz NTAG216 chip.

This is a high frequency 13.56MHz transponder, with 888 bytes of user programmable memory, 32 bit password protection security features, and is both ISO14443A and NFC Type 2 compliant.


The xNT works with both commercial systems that work with ISO14443A, as well as NFC devices like mobile phones and new ISO14443A and  NFC hobby electronics. 


What do I do with my implant, you ask?


  • Originally, I had it programmed so if you scan my hand using your phone, it would "Rick Roll" you by launching that music video on YouTube.

  • Now, scanning my hand will take you to my website.

  • I also use my hand to unlock my front door.

  • As an experiment, I set up my laptop to require my hand for password-less authentication, but since the laptop doesn't have a built-in NFC reader it was cumbersome to use with a USB NFC reader so I no longer use it that way.